Best Places For Digital Nomads To Live, Work, And Play In Canada

Best Places For Digital Nomads To Live, Work, And Play In Canada

Looking to explore as a , or looking to set up a home base in the Great White North? Despite being an expensive country globally, there are cities here capable of meeting the needs of location-independent Digital Nomads.

In this post, we'll list three which have come to our attention over the past year.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Long overshadowed by its west coast cousin , is an underrated city on the rise. It boasts many big-city amenities which make Van City attractive, all while having a compact downtown filled with friendly, down-to-earth people.

As prices have risen in places like Vancouver and , people have begun looking for cheaper places to live in Canada that also boasts a vibrant economy: Halifax fits this profile perfectly, as it has posted solid economic growth in 2017, led in large part by tech startups. Housing prices are the other half of the equation, as the average home here costs approximately $302,000 – at this price, you'd be hard-pressed to find even a rundown apartment in one of Canada's more popular cities. The lower cost price of houses also leads to lower prices on rentals which is of the interest of Digital Nomads.

Halifax Canada

Tired of working from home or in one of Halifax's stylish cafes? There are presently six co-working spaces to choose from: from The Lab Space to Hive678, there's one with the right mix of professionals and atmosphere for you.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows in Halifax, though: winters can be harsh, and thick fog can ruin a beautiful summer day at a moment's notice.

Montreal, Quebec

Looking to immerse yourself in a culture you won't find anywhere else in North America? A move to , Quebec will allow you to do just that. While it is the largest French-speaking city in the world besides , nearly half the city speaks English fluently, and with 32% of people with non-European lineage, it is an incredibly diverse place to live.

Despite being a major city in Central Canada, Montreal has long been known for its affordable rents and home prices. A one-bedroom apartment rent goes for $836 /month on average, while the average prices of a home in Montreal settled around $384,000 in October 2017, a bargain compared to its rival, Toronto.

Montreal Canada

When you aren't enjoying this city's legendary nightlife or stuffing your face with bagels & poutine, get some work done at one of more than a dozen co-working spaces. Lori Hub focuses on helping women entrepreneurs, WeWork offers free beer to members, and La Gare puts on outstanding events on a regular basis. With a thriving tech scene in Montreal, you'll find a place that's right for you.

Calgary, Alberta

With the winds of change leading many in Canada's oil capital to worry about the future, business leaders in have begun to market their city to high tech firms. Fortunately for them, this metropolis is an attractive place for digital nomads to settle.

While homes and rents are pricier than the two spots already mentioned in this article, they are reasonable ($472,000 and $1,228/month, respectively) compared to the astronomical costs of living in Vancouver and Toronto.

Calgary Canada

In Calgary, you are a little more than an hour's drive from the Canadian Rockies, where outdoor enthusiasts can do everything from to skiing. In town, you'll be privy to one of the nation's hottest dining scenes, which will give you plenty of places to take new clients and friends you'll meet while grinding at co-working spaces like Hustleco or The Bridge.

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