In the new and exciting world of small portable technology and the internet, room for a new lifestyle is growing. The is a career archetype for someone who earns a living through interacting online. Choosing an independent location career means that digital nomads can live and work where they want when they want. They've been known to follow the summer all around the world or live a luxurious lifestyle in 2-4 locations a year while earning an average western wage. Being a digital nomad allows you to earn money and travel the world.

Digital Nomad – a New Way to Live

It's important to remember that you can do a lot with a small salary that you might be earning at the start. In , I had a decent internet connection, beautiful beaches, cheap and delicious and was spending roughly $500 a month to live comfortably which would have included the price of a decent apartment off of With this, earning even $1000 a month would help me make ends meet and see me living comfortably for as long as I want, all the while building the skills and foundations to progress my career in this direction.

I've looked into this a lot as it is the ideal lifestyle I want for myself, and there's no definite answer aside from this – they pack up their things, took their skills online and headed out into the world.

The Beginning of The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

In an interview with, Jodi Ettenberg from says that what initially started as an idea of starting a blog to keep her friends and family up to date on her travels turned into a career chasing the summers;

“I began to build a routine that involved winters writing and eating in Asia and summers in North America, speaking at conferences and doing consulting work for social media.”

This Is My Shot at Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Jumping naïvely headstrong into a way of life takes an unskilled middle-class white boy a while. I've set myself a one-year goal, and until then I don't intend to earn any money as a Digital Nomad. I want to build my skills as a blogger and writer, hence this site, and work towards learning all I can that will be instrumental in my goal for the second year. You never know, maybe I'll write an eBook, transcribe old movies or write for VICE.

This Lifestyle Isn't for Everyone

Just imagine it, changing your residence every month or so. Not many people could live like that which is why being a digital nomad is only for individuals who enjoy travelling and seeing new places.