Where to Go to Find Great Outdoors – 5 Inspiring Destinations

Where to Go to Find Great Outdoors – 5 Inspiring Destinations

If you're not one to lounge at the beach all day doing nothing, then you're an active traveller craving outdoor adventures on your next travel. To help you decide where to go next, we've rounded up a list of destinations to find great outdoors. Aside from offering a wealth of thrilling active pursuits, these destinations are famous for their incredible landscapes that can make for an even more unforgettable trip.

And don't forget to bring your binoculars and spotting scopes to your outdoor destinations. According to Simon Cuthbert from Target Tamers, this can significantly enhance your wildlife viewing experience, providing exceptional clarity and magnification to appreciate the beauty of nature up close.

Montana, USA

Given its many beautiful parks, Montana is an exciting destination for an adventure-filled holiday in the . Montana's stunning and rugged scenery with plenty of exciting wildlife makes it a popular destination for scenic road trips and fun outdoor activities. The area is famous for its numerous outdoor activities, from to cycling and winter sports.

The great outdoors yellowstone national park

If you're looking for that classic experience, drive through the historic Highway 89 route, which takes you to some of the country's most spectacular national parks. Covering about 580 km from start to finish, it begins in Glacier National Park and ends in Yellowstone National Park. One of the places you must stop along the way is the Giant Springs State Park, one of the country's largest freshwater springs. A short hike from the Giant Springs will take you to the Great Falls, where you can marvel at its spectacular views.

Montana is famous for its spring creeks, scenic lakes, and gorgeous rivers. The rivers offer a picturesque backdrop and exciting fishing opportunities. Hiking the area is a fun activity and a great way to explore the surrounding nature and wildlife.

While Montana's rivers and lakes beckon with their scenic beauty and fishing allure, mastering kayak basics can elevate your exploration of these waters, providing a new dimension to your outdoor adventures in the Treasure State.

Pembrokeshire, Wales

Pembrokeshire's magnificent wealth of natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for outdoor adventures. Being home to a number of great glamping spots in the UK, means that you can stay in Pembrokeshire to extend your adventure further. Words can barely give justice to its stunning variety of landscapes, from high cliff tops to secret coves and long stretches of fine white sands and charming harbours.

The great outdoors Pembrokeshire Wales

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Park features one of the most breathtaking coastal paths in the world. Your hike will take you to staggeringly picturesque landscapes with a vast array of terrains suitable for walkers of all abilities. It takes you to secluded coves, tiny creeks, and pretty little villages like Porthclais and Solva. In the south, the path winds past the beautiful beach of Barafundle, along the open headland to the stunning Bosherston and Stack Rocks.

If you're looking for a splash of adventure, Pembrokeshire is bursting with fun activities to delight the thrill seeker in you. The Pembrokeshire Coast is one of the world's best destinations for coasteering and features some of the best waves for . Aside from coasteering, you can enjoy surfing, paddle boarding, or sailing.

British Columbia, Canada

With its glacier-fed lakes, rainforests, and snow-dusted peaks, British Columbia is an ideal destination for outdoor adventures. It's one of the few places on Earth with many unspoilt areas waiting for you to discover. Most of its rivers, lakes, and mountains are rarely ever explored.

If you're into rafting, you'll find many great rivers to enjoy river rafting in British Columbia. The Thompson River is the most accessible of these, which narrows down into a canyon after passing Spences Bridge and lunging into the Devil's Gorge. If you're more into hiking, you'll find many great trails to conquer in British Columbia, from easy walks to multi-day hiking trips across the province. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is an easy trail to start, taking you between Hope and Castlegar. Traverse the wild Coquihalla River to see the Othello Tunnels, which cut right into moss-clad cliffs.

The great outdoors British Colombia Canada

Those who prefer to explore on two wheels will find several networks of bicycle trails in BC, ranging from leisurely cycling routes to the more challenging downhill tracks. On Vancouver Island, you can cycle along the Cowichan Valley Trail, whisking you through the old-growth rainforest and into the historic Kinsol Trestle.

North Carolina, USA

North Carolina is blessed with incredible natural beauty, offering many opportunities for outdoor activities. Head east, and you'll see gorgeous beaches and panoramic waterways. In the west, you'll see the Blue Ridge Mountains, scenic hiking trails, and majestic waterfalls. Whether exploring the open road or going for hikes, you'll find many natural spots you won't find anywhere else.

One of the most exciting outdoor activities in North Carolina is catching the rapids in the U.S. National Whitewater Centre, where you paddle and navigate the rapids of the world's largest artificial white-water river. What's great about rafting here is the rapids can be adjusted depending on your preferences. For a wet and wild adventure, go for the rodeo rafting. The French Broad River in Pisgah National Forest is another fantastic spot for white-water rafting in North Carolina. It's a 9-mile expedition with rapids ranging from calm to intense.

For those who prefer a tranquil adventure, the eastern coastline offers an abundance of fishing opportunities. Particularly, Morehead City is a prime location for enthusiasts and families alike, where Morehead City fishing charters provide unforgettable experiences out on the water, capturing the essence of North Carolina's rich maritime culture.

The great outdoors Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina

Hiking is a popular activity in North Carolina, and it's easy to see why – it has more than nine hundred miles of hiking trails taking you through North Carolina mountains. The one that goes to Grandfather Mountain is popular, featuring a unique blend of public and private preservation efforts offering you spectacular views. After you have spent some time exploring the area, you could extend your trip further by staying in a vacation rental in North Carolina, another excellent way to spend even more time in the outdoors.

The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Home to towering mountains, rugged coastlines, chains of islands, and hundreds of lakes, the Scottish Highlands lure outdoor lovers of all kinds to come and play. Regardless of the type of outdoor adventure you prefer, you will find it in the Highlands.

The great outdoors Scottish Highlands

The best way to explore the gorgeous landscapes of the Scottish Highlands is to go hiking. If you have a day to spend hiking, take the route from Glencoe to Glen Nevis. The trail requires uphill climbing, but you will come across incredible views through 's most majestic glens that make the journey all worth it. If you prefer to play in the water, go on Barra. The picturesque island, which lies in the Outer Hebrides, has a gorgeous castle you can visit on a sea kayak.

Walking along the Fife Coastal Path is another fun activity you should do in the Highlands. It's the longest coastal path of Scotland, passing through the stunning East Neuk, all the way to St Andrew's.

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