Top 10 amazing Travel Apps For Backpacking Southeast Asia

Top 10 amazing Travel Apps For Backpacking Southeast Asia

Travelling to Southeast Asia could be super exciting and fun; it can also be a daring experience if you didn't prepare well for the trip. There is a huge joy that comes with travelling. That is why some tourists will boldly say that travelling to new places is actually part of education. Travelling helps you to be better informed, the memories are always amazing. Already you have spent quality time and money in processing your visas, learning new language tools, booking for your flight and hotel reservations.  So, when you travel, you need to enjoy every bit of the experience to the optimum.

are today serving as guidebooks for travellers. If you want to get to a new place, but have no idea how to get there, mobile apps can serve as a dependable guide. Travellers love it because they are easily accessible, handy, easy to use, highly convenient and offer short descriptions of anything you are looking for. Travelling to Southeast Asia is surely one of the best things that can happen to you. It is an experience you will never forget in a hurry. You will never regret this beautiful experience if you will carefully adhere strictly to the instructions in this article.

Mobile apps will make your travels highly memorable and easier. If you are travelling to Southeast Asia, then you need to download these 10 amazing right now before your next trip:

1. Evisa Asia

This app will enable you to apply for your visas online; you don't have to visit the embassy for anything. You will apply for the visa and submit all the required documents from the comfort of your home; if you need to submit some supporting documents to the embassy, this app will simply help you in this regard and delivers them back to you without any stress. There are so many awesome reviews left about this app online from users' overtime.

travel apps - evisa asia

Evisa Asia has ‘Discover the regions feature' which will help to show you exciting regions you can visit during your stay, and also things you will see in those regions. If you need guides on how to get to those regions, Evisa Asia will be there to assist you

2. Klook

In 2015, Klook was considered one of the most innovative and effective travel apps in the world. It is a great platform you can leverage to get powerful suggestions based on your seasons, festivals, interests and discover attractions, activities and tours for your Asian destinations.

Users who refer their friends to use this app will get a credit worth $3.20. One of the strongest reasons why every traveller to Southeast Asia should use Klook is that they will enjoy up to 60% discounts on their tours to key attractions.

travel apps - klook app

3. Traveloka

Traveloka is an exciting booking platform where travellers to Southeast Asia will get awesome deals for their flights and accommodation. Traveloka is a reliable option for you if you want to get the best bargains on your next trip. Simply download this app to your android or Smartphone and start using it immediately. You will need internet access to enjoy this app.

travel apps - Traveloka app

4. Grab

This is a Go-to app that will help travellers to get a shared shuttle bus, private car, motorbike, and taxi in Southeast Asia.  Grab is functional in Southeast Asian countries including the , , , , , , etc.

travel apps - Grab app

The managers of this app ensure that their team of drivers receive quality safety training periodically. This is why they deliver exceptional results.

Drivers that work with Grab are contractors, not employees. They will pick and drop you at your desired locations with professional finesse. Prices or fares are displayed on the app at the end of the journey. This is truly an awesome app any day anytime.

5. Google Translate

You may already have this app installed if you are using an android phone, either way; make sure you add this app to your Smartphone. Besides translating text by typing them manually into your screen, Google translate has the capacity to translate any conversation to a language you will understand or to any language you want. Google translate is extremely helpful to travellers especially when they are in unfamiliar places both in Southeast Asia and anywhere in the world.

Google translate app

Having a Google translate is good for your travels. It can translate difficult languages for you. For example, it can translate Japanese to English for you without issues.

As a traveller, you are advised to download the dictionaries and encyclopaedias written in foreign languages to a language you will understand in your next trip. You need Google translate both for online and offline use. It can proficiently with an internet connection.

6. Skype

Do you want to make cheaper international calls while on transit? Then Skype is a reliable option. Skype Video calls remain a reliable, credible and fantastic way to connect with your friends and family back home. Travellers to Southeast Asia love using Skype because it is one of the easiest ways of making cheap international calls.

To take advantage of this app, all you need to do is to credit your Skype account with a little sum, and you will make calls to your countries at local tariffs. Skype cannot work without an internet connection.


7. Whatsapp

This is a great app to chat with friends and family when you are far away from home. It is also a great way to connect and stay in touch with foreign and local nationals you meet. Take advantage of WhatsApp if you are backpacking Southeast Asia. To enjoy Whatsapp, your phone needs to be connected to the internet during your stay. It can't operate without the internet.


8. XE Currency

XE Currency app is something you should be using happily at all times. When you have XE Currency at your beck and call, it will be difficult for you to be overcharged abroad, because with it, you will know the latest exchange rate at all times. Another beautiful thing about this app is that it can work both when it is connected to the internet and offline as well. Travellers will be happy using it all time.

XE Currency App

9. Citymaps2Go

This powerful app works both online and offline. With Citymaps2go, you will download the map of the place you intend to visit, and it will bookmark all the key attractions in the place and display it on the map.

For most tourists, citymaps2go is an easy-to-use and helpful travel global companion. It enables you to find directions with key attractions and insider tips (shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, beaches, in-depth travel contents, data quality and detailed offline maps. To use this app, simply download it for free in your Smartphone and you will be happy you did.


10. VSCO

According to iTunes ratings, this is one of the amazing photo editing apps for android and iPhone users. Its sleek and minimal design makes it easy for users to edit their photos. It is easy to use, and highly convenient. Once you edit your favourite photos with it, you can share it with your visual supply company photographers, artists and other social media channels.


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