Planning to Travel Solo in 2023? – 7 Travel Destinations for You

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023? – 7 Travel Destinations for You

The urge to travel solo is becoming more popular and can stem from different motivations and impulses. Whether you're planning to understand yourself better, celebrate a milestone achievement, or just need a well-deserved break from reality, traveling solo is an adventure you won't forget.

If you've never gone on vacation alone before, the experience may initially seem intimidating. However, traveling solo doesn't necessarily mean you'll be on your own the whole time. You can easily organize group tours, stay in social accommodation, or use apps to meet other solo travelers.

If you're looking for some inspiration as to where to explore, we've come up with our favourite destinations for solo travellers.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

If you're looking for a change of scenery from your everyday life, Costa Rica is the ideal location. The rich diversity here allows for lots of different activities, such as , fishing, and ziplining. The whole country is a place of rest and relaxation, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature.

A well-planned trip to Costa Rica can easily take you around the nation, both starting and ending in the vibrant city of San Jose. Aim to spend a couple of days in each location so that you have a chance to fully explore the rainforests and lava fields.

The great thing about Costa Rica is that you can pack in as much or as little as you want. Some days you may decide to go spot sloths and howler monkeys on the stunning cloud forests and others you may cycle with other keen travellers past the coastlines.

2. England

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023 - England

First-time solo travellers who've always dreamed of a trip to Europe will find that is a great destination. Not only is the country modern, safe, and English-speaking, but it minimizes the culture shock that usually comes with visiting new destinations.

If you really want the quintessential British experience, then is the place to be. The streets are packed with traditional tea shops, bars, and restaurants, and there are countless green spaces in the city where you can unwind.

Then there are the ever-serious guards standing outside Buckingham Palace, who can be seen marching around the palace courtyard during the iconic changing of the guard which occurs daily.

3. The Netherlands

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023 - netherlands

The chilled-out vibe of the is a great destination regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or nationality. Everyone is accepted and welcomed here, which is reflected by the friendly locals.

The city of is the most popular destination in the country and is explored best by hiring a bike. Zip past the canal-lined streets and head into one of the cozy cafes – and don't forget to try one of the local delicacies, the stroopwafel.

Amsterdam is also highly regarded for its nightlife scene, with plenty of venues and styles of music available. Staying at a hostel ensures that you meet other like-minded individuals to go out with.

4. Thailand

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023 - Thailand

Almost every budding solo traveller has considered the Southeast Asia route at some point. The area is a major hub for backpackers, with Thailand being the most popular.

The bustling streets of Bangkok are great for those used to the city, whereas the charming Buddhist temples of Chiang Mai are ideal if you prefer a more cultural experience. Either way, there's something here for all traveller types and so many different ways to spend your days.

You definitely don't want to miss the islands in the south, where you have the option to go snorkeling over incredible reefs, followed by dancing on the beach as you wait for the sunrise.

5. Sri Lanka

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023 - Sri Lanka

To the south of , you'll find a tiny island that has been a much-loved travel destination for many years. As is a mostly Buddhist country, you'll find that the locals here are incredibly welcoming and charming irrespective of where you come from.

The undeveloped hill country makes for intense hiking ventures and stunning train rides across narrow bridges. Alternatively, you're able to simply relax on the golden coastlines and go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.

If this wasn't enough, the country has also mastered the flavors of its national dishes, which include dhal curry, kottu roti, and watalappan. It truly is a feast for all the senses.

6. Australia

What makes so easy to visit is that it offers a working holiday visa, allowing keen travelers to properly experience the Land Down Under. It's highly recommended that you get help from a immigration consultancy called IMMagine Immigration, which will make the process of obtaining a visa super easy!

With one of the largest backpacker populations in the whole of the world, Oz is ideal for solo travelers – especially if you have access to a vehicle.

Going on a solo road trip is a great opportunity, as is meeting others to travel with during your stay. We recommend making stops as you follow the east coast so that you get the chance to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier reef and go surfing in .

Whilst Australia is quite expensive, it's well worth it and you can easily earn money whilst you're there through a working holiday visa program.

7. Greece

Planning to Travel Solo in 2023 - Greece

With numerous beautiful islands and a rich history, Greece is a country you need to have on your must-see list. Whether you're a foodie, partygoer, or history buff, there is something in Greece for everyone.

The country is safe for solo and female travelers, with locals being friendly and helpful. The islands of Ios and Mykonos and great for meeting other travelers, whereas Athens is where the most popular attractions can be found, including the Acropolis.

If you plan to see as many islands as possible, you can simply organize a sailing trip. This not only allows you to island hop with ease but it's also a great way of meeting like-minded individuals.

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